Thursday, 27 October 2011

Pancake thursday (last christmas)

Last Christmas - Pancake Thursday. 
We left school at one on the dot, dressed in our layers of knit and navy blazers. Steph and Beka walked really fast under the only umbrella and we lagged behind and laughed because they'd still be waiting outside Megan's door as we had the key. We crossed the iciest car park in history and I landed on my back just the once and Charlie held my hand as we ice skated across it. And then after making a mess of Megan's kitchen and swiftly devouring the sugary pancakes we skidded back to school for an afternoon of staring out the window and wishing we were elsewhere.

Megan has many cats.

Her glorious kitchen.



Charlie, Hannah, Beka, Megan

Charlie and coffee.

Steph the chef.

Amy with long hair, and Beka

Nutella - lots of chocolate

Soggy blazers and a happy cat

Charlie and I

Standing on the well

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