Thursday, 25 August 2011

I look back into mirrors of naivety and see that much as I would love to say I've changed so much, I've matured and grown wiser, I am just the same. I fall into the same traps of circumstance and get lost in the same forests of decision and I never really make the right choices because each path has too many forks to count but it doesn't really matter. No, I'm not learning from the things I do wrong and yes, I know that in all honesty, I never will but I don't mind this now. I'm not a huntress searching for perfection I'm a girl who lives in that grey area between right and wrong and that's fine. There's a little room for mistakes down here. There's plenty of scope for imperfection. And above all else I can just ignore the expectation to feel a certain way at a constant velocity and just be simply content with the way things are. This isn't the situation I'd have chosen if you'd have handed me a catalogue three years ago and asked me where I wanted to be but I'm just fine with that.

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